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Nita Gemilang developed into the fastest, most
solution accurate, efficient, and comprehensive for market needs
industrial automation and instrumentation

About us

Our company runs in the business of trading company, technical
support company for industrial automation and instrumentation.
We are dedicated to being a high performance control system integrator.

Our Sector

Provide High Quality Product

We are here to provide convenience and guarantee the availability of materials with quality and certified goods.

Service and Maintenance

We offer service and maintenance services by examining problems quickly and with a guarantee.

Mechanical and Engineering System

We are ready to protect your assets related to machinery and electrical equipment.


General Supplier Electrical Control

NG is here to provide convenience and guarantee the availability of materials with quality and certified products

General Service and Maintenance

NG is supported by a team of experienced engineers ready to serve with full commitment and maintain assets related to machines and equipment

Control Panel Fabrication

NG offers complete and quality control panel design and fabrication services, we also design and manufacture various control panels such as operator control panels, VSD/Booster Pump panels, low voltage panels, medium voltage panels, etc.

Calibration Panel Meter

In many industries, panel meters are a tool for measuring voltage, current, temperature and pressure so that they can display information in real-time. Its accuracy is very important to uphold product safety & quality standards. To calibrate according to industry standards and ensure that your instruments are accurate and precise, we offer panel meter calibration using state-of-the-art equipment and following quality control procedures.

Automation System

In the industrial automation system, it is designed to carry out a function with little or no human intervention and can control various electrical, electronic and mechanical systems supported by our team of experienced and professional technicians.

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Our projects

Our company has successfully undertaken and completed various projects, showcasing our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

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